Sealers, Adhesives and Cleaners

We carry a range of Miteq Sealers, Mapei Sealers and Adhesives and Guard-It Solutiuons

Miteq Sealers
Miteq are manufacturers of specialised building products, sealers and cleaners for use on all types of masonry and concrete surfaces. We manufacture sealers for all types of natural and man made stones ranging from Marble, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone and other cementitious based products.
We have gained the trust and recommendations of some of the largest paving manufacturers in Australia.
The extensive range includes:
• Sealers and adhesives
• Cleaners
• Epoxy resins
in various formulations and options specific to each task.
Miteq have spent over 20 years developing and refining these products to perform to their utmost in the harsh Australian environment.

Mapei Sealers & Adhesives
Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today’s world leader in the production of sealers, adhesives and chemical products for building. With 15 specialist categories of product lines, Mapei cover all sections of the modern building industry.
Mapei has always placed great emphasis on research. In fact, the Group invests 12% of its company’s total work-force and 5% of its turnover in R&D; in particular, 70% of its R&D efforts are directed to develop eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly products which meet LEED requirements. Furthermore, Mapei has developed a sales and technical service network with offices all over the world and offers an efficient Technical Assistance Service that is valued by architects, engineers, contractors and owners.

Guard-It Solutions
GuardIt Solutions is a leading provider of surface protection solutions to Government and Private sector organizations and commercial applicators throughout Australia. With an excellent Research and Development team and facilities, they are consistently engaged in setting new benchmarks in the industry deploying cutting edge technology and strive for continuous improvement in products and processes.
GuardIt Solutions places a great deal of responsibility in delivering quality products, that meet the most stringent Australian & International Standards and regulations concerning Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management.
They provide guaranteed results and continually review their products performance, and assist clients in the correct application techniques. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free operational flow, GuardIt relies on its strong product portfolio, to deliver excellent results, networking and relationship building skills to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction.
GuardIt Solutions is the leading player in bringing innovative solutions, providing eco-friendly and easy to use products that protect against graffiti, oil stains, grease, dirt, soot and other chemicals that destroy exterior substrates. Our product line is extensive and designed to repel any chemical or non- chemical from damaging substrates.


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